Why You Should Take Showers with a Shower Filter


The thought of showering in heavily chlorinated water is not appealing at all. Nevertheless, a lot of people have no idea the amount of chlorine they get exposed to by not using shower filters. The normal tap water coming from your shower head has just as much chlorine than that permitted to be the standard in public swimming pools. With the use of a quality shower head filter, it is possible to reduce and even eliminate chlorine from your daily shower.

Chlorine can give you an uncomfortable shower experience since it normally strips away the natural oils that can very easily disrupt the natural metabolism of the skin. That can facilitate excessive dryness, unnecessary cellular damage which is a very big way accelerate the signs of aging. Through the installation of a reasonably priced shower wand filter in your household, the advantages of softer skin and more manageable hair become a reality nearly instantly.

Regular shower filters have only been proven to reduce free chlorine and in some cases, although rarely, chloramine which is a devastating combination of chlorine and ammonia. Even though there are numerous claims to the contrary being made by some shower filter sellers on the internet, a simple fact remains. The integration of a small amount of media within a short bodies shower filter cannot simply eliminate other contaminants from fast moving hot water with the use of standard methods. Usually, the water is very hot and moving very fast for the small amount of "stuff" inside to perform its job with a meaningful outcome. Learn how to install shower filter with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_5818737_install-water-filter-well.html .

Utilizing a shower head filter will guarantee that your skin as well as the hair look and feel much healthier and also gives a lot of protection for the rest of your body by the prevention of the inhalation of toxic chlorine fumes. Due to this, it is recommended that you acquire a shower filter in case you have asthma or any other kind of respiratory condition. It can be very beneficial to people who have serious allergy and asthma symptoms. Chlorine and chloramine are known for irritating to the sensitive mucous membranes of the nose, eyes, and throat.

The Shower Filter also helps in enhancing the pH of the water and bring it closer to the neutral value of 7.0.

There are a lot of different shower filtration systems which are available in the market and use their technology for the water filtration. There are even those who claim to have some form of complex, multiple stage filtration system that claims to remove all forms of volatile and synthetic organic chemicals.